The Parnells 1869-1900

The next rector of Oxted, and occupant of the Rectory was Rev Frank Parnell who also has a plaque in St Mary’s church recording his tenure from 1869 to 1902.

The 1871 census lists the Rectory’s occupants as:

Rev Frank Parnell, Head of household, age 32, Rector of Oxted, MA and private tutor
Charlotte A Parnell, age 24, Rector’s wife
Blanche S Bower, age 14, sister-in-law, Scholar
Peter C Walker, age 16, Scholar
Amelia Shaw, age 29, Housemaid
Eliza H Parfitt, age 23, Cook

In 1875 Frank Parnell published ‘Ars Pastoria’, which is a book of advice on how to run a parish. Ars Pastoria can be found on Google Books here.

By 1881 Frank seems to have given up on the tutoring; the census return gives:

Rev Frank Parnell, Head of household, age 42, Rector of Oxted
Charlotte Parnell, age 34, wife
Constance Parnell, age 27, sister, Architect’s daughter
Eliza Humphrey, 28, Cook
Mary A Smith, age 22, Housemaid
Elizabeth M Beagley, age 23, Parlourmaid

In the 1891 census Charlotte is referred to as Augusta (it seems she was Augusta Charlotte and alternated between these two names). The Rectory’s occupants were listed as:

Rev Frank Parnell, Head of household, age 52, Rector of Oxted
Augusta C Parnell, age 44, wife
Alice Clements, age 24, Cook
Elizabeth Beagley, age 33, Parlourmaid
Mary Ann Smith, age 32, Housemaid

In 1900 the Parnells moved out to a new rectory on East Hill and the Church sold The Rectory.

Rev. Parnell and his wife Augusta’s grave in St Mary’s Church graveyard