Oxted Place is best known for its gardens which are the product of the inspiration and effort of five owners, and their gardeners, over almost 200 years. The age of the garden, and the foresight of the Rev William Masters Pyne, its first owner, means that there are a number of very large specimen trees which provide a majestic backdrop to more recent layers of planting. The drama is heightened by the level changes across the garden which produce many delightful vistas.

Oxted Place is located on the Upper Greensand (the Greensand Way runs just to the south) so the soil is a well drained acidic sandy loam which is easy to cultivate. It is ideal for growing Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Acers all of which flourish here.

A bank of fragrant Azaleas planted in 1903

The gardens are occasionally opened to the public for charity and visitors often ask about the garden’s history. This website is an attempt to collect together the results of sporadic research into the evolution of the garden.

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