One World Group Oxted

Today, had it not been for Covid-19, the garden would have been open as part of One World Group Oxted’s Open Garden scheme. One World Group is an excellent charity improving the lives of some of the World’s most impoverished people. Each year they arrange five local gardens in the Oxted area to open to the public to raise funds to support their work. More info on the Group’s activity can be found on their website here while some photos of the gardens that would have been open are on their Facebook page here.

Tree felling

Tree felling on a steep slope can be a challenge, especially as in this case we wanted the tree, which was leaning downhill, to fall uphill. The answer was to attach a winch cable to the tree and lead it through a block on another tree higher up. For this, and so much tree work around the garden, we find our Land Rover Defender with a 4t winch mounted on the front bumper is an invaluable tool.